Monday, May 2, 2011

Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty by G. Neri

Question #5:
Make a list of five key events from the book so far, and explain in one to two sentences why each was important to the story.


  1. -Yummy shot and killed Shavon
    -Yummy is running away from the cops
    -Yummy was always in and out of Juvie
    -Yummy is in a gang called the Black Disciples
    -Yummy robs and steals

    Each of these are important because it shows what type of person yummy is and the things he goes through. Thee things he does also have an effect on other people not only his family, but random people that don't know him and they are now scared of him.

  2. 1.Where Yummy grew up.
    2.When Yummy kills a girl.
    3.When Roger talks about his parents.
    4.Who Yummy lives with.
    5.Yummy pledgeing himself to the Black diciples.
    These are my key events beacause it show where Yummy grew up, where he lives, and what he has been through. He has no parents to guide him and he pledges himself to the Black Diciples.

  3. 1. Where it explains where his parents are
    2. Where yummy lives
    3. Where yummy grew up
    4. when yummy turned BD
    5. When yummy shot Shavon

    These are 5 key events that happened and they are important because if his parents where there for yummy as a kid he wouldnt live with his grandmother in a bad neighborhood like that. And if he had a better enviornment and better parents he would have never joined the BD and he would of never shot Shavon.

  4. @ Jose- your right yummy would have never been through all of this if his parents were just there.

  5. @ Yvette- your right because you could do something wrong & another person can get hurt from it or could get blamed for it & thats not right. Someones actions can always effect another persons life.

  6. @ Jose-
    Yes I agree with you because it all depends on his background and where he came from and we can see that he didn't come up from a good family and no one really cared for him so that's why he is bad.

  7. @Eliza- I definately agree with your key events because if you live in a bad area it can make or break you. Yummy definately got broken because he had no one to guide him and to keep him on track for a good life.

  8. @ Eliza-
    I agree with you because i think that since parents raise their kids everyone sees how they act its all influenced on how they were raised and since yummy wasn't raised by anyone he is dangerous because of the things he does like when he shot and killed Shavon.