Monday, May 16, 2011

Yummy by G. Neri

Project #2:

Using the database Student Resources in Context, find an article about the social issue embedded in your novel. Write a summary of the article (include the title) and copy a link to the article below your entry.

You may not use the same article as someone who has already posted.

Then read an article that interests you from another student's post. Comment on the article (thoughts, opinions, connections...).


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    "4 teenagers held in fatal stabbing blamed on gangs" Is about 4 Teenagers that got stab becuase of gang violance. One teenager died in the hospital right after he arived. Two other tennagers were droped off at the emergancy room. They got treated for their injuries & then they left. Later on they found the car that the offender was driving & he got arrested & the car was impounded.

  3. @ yvette- Its good that he is inncocent because of everything he went through, Growing up in an acholic home & getting out of school because of his parents that neglected him, I think if i was him i would of did bad things to take away my anger.


    "16-year-old boy beaten to death in Roseland"
    Derrion Albert was beaten to death out side Fenger High School after a confrontation with to other boys. None of the people around him bothered to help him as he was getting beaten to death. He was beaten with all types of weapons.

  5. @ ELiza- I think that its crazy what people would do for a gang. Its good that the police caught the guy who stabbed and killed the boy.

    The article "Getting To Chicago's Boys Before Gangs Do" is talking about how these boys that go to school in Chicago in Little Village. It says how this group called "BAM" tries to get these young boys to stay out of gangs before they are sucked into them. These kids tell about the things they have seen in Chicago and the things that they heard that happen to kids that are in gangs and they say how they don't want to be that way. This group helps kids go into the right direction and not make mistakes in life.

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