Monday, May 2, 2011

Thirteen Reasons Why: a novel by Jay Asher

Question #5: Make a list of five key events from the book so far and explain in one to two sentences why each was important to the story.


  1. 1. Justin, kissing and telling.
    2. Alex, the hot and not list.
    3. Jessica, fighting with Hannah.
    4. Tyler, his peeping time.
    5. Marcus, trying so hard to get with Hannah.

  2. 1. Justin kissing Hannah and telling everyone about it, it was important because its where it all started
    2. Clay stealing his friends walkman, it was important because it's where you see Clay really motivated to hear all the tapes
    3. Jessica fighting with Hannah, it was important because this shows how Hannah quickly can be in a conflict with new friends
    4. Tyler peeping on Hannah, this is important because it shows how Hannah acts in awkward situations and its where Tyler gets pictures of her for the year book.
    5. Marcus not trying hard enough to go out with Hannah, this is important because this is when Hannah's self-esteem lowers due to Marcus' actions.

  3. @ Erick the Beast i agree with you with all of the besides the third one you said. Mostly because i believe the list wasn't so important to me mostly because it does consist of other girls I believe Clay stealing his friends walkman was more shocking because i wanted to know how his friend would react when Clay stole it.

  4. 1. Justin, kissing and telling.
    2. Alex, the "hot and not" list.
    3. Marcus trying to get with Hannah
    4. Tyler, peeping through Hannahs window
    5. Jessica, fighting with Hannah

  5. 1. Justin "Rumor Starter"
    This is important because Justin rumors off this little kiss to be a much greater situation. He told others that he grabbed Hannah's breast giving others to make a false inference stating that she is "EASY".

    2. Alex "Who's Hot/Who's Not"
    When Alex made this list Hannah thought very little of it, so therefore she didn't see it as much of a threat. But When Alex along with his friends started grabbing her she was upset because of the list other teens started thinking she was a tease and way easy.

    3. Marcus "Hannah your're a tease!"
    When Marcus stood up Hannah, or so she was thinking, he caused her humiliation and felt like crap. But when he actually got there he tried to grab her. This pushed Hannah to the crying point in the novel.

    4. Tyler "Peeping Tom"
    Hannah felt like a piece of meat that can be messed with with out consequences. Tyler was a peeping tom whom thought it was okay to be a peeper especially with Hannah.

    5. Clay "The Nice Guy"
    All through out the novel Clay has shown that he was and is nice. He truly believes that he did nothing wrong.

  6. @(EVERYONE) - I love how we all basically chose the same key events that summarize the importance of this novel. I believe more should have been said about the Key Events, but other than that I believe we did great.