Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thirteen Reasons Why: a novel by Jay Asher

Question #6: Create a soundtrack for a scene in your book. First, pick a scene and explain it in 2-3 sentences. Add in a link to a Youtube video that you think would make a perfect soundtrack for that scene. Make sure to explain WHY that particular song works for that particular scene.


  1. The scene was when once everyone knew Hannah kissed Justin they thought she was easy to get with. Thats when Wally got the opportunity to touch Hannah's butt. She didn't like it and Wally got mad.

  2. Clay listens to Hannah explain their first moment together. That night at the party. "She Could Be You" by Shawn Hlookoff plays in the background. I can see them talking, starring into one another. They head into the room lay in the bed, and kiss. then Hannah pushes Clay away because she remembers in that moment all of the names involved in her stories.