Monday, May 2, 2011

Crackback by John Coy

Question #5:
Make a list of five key events from the book so far, and explain in one to two sentences why each was important to the story.


  1. 1.The workouts he went through during preseason.
    2.All the hard practices he went through.
    3.His first game and how he did.
    4.The starting quaterback getting hurt.
    5. Getting caught with the pills Zach gave him.
    1.They made him stronger and faster. Made him a better football player.
    2.Conditioning is always good to do for football.
    3.He had a hell of a game and made the newspaper. Gave him confidence.
    4.This hurt the team because they had to look at the second string to steph up and he isn't good at all.
    5.His mom thinks differently of him because she thinks he is on steriods.

  2. @me-Didnt realize how much i typed. All true information. Hope this counts as a comment... :)

  3. 1.when miles is pushed by his dad to play better.
    2.his best friend gives him pills to get bigger.
    3.miles doesnt feel right to take the pills.
    4.miles meets luica and sam.
    5.miles gets the game winning play.

    1.his dad tells him how to become a better star and to play for a good school.
    2.zach gives him pills to get bigger znd to get stonger to play better.
    3. miles doesnt take the pills and he plays the right way.
    4. luica and sam help miles forget the problems that he has in football and with his dad.
    5.miles gets to play and he saves the game but he gets in trouble with his coach and doesnt get to play anymore.

  4. @ pat all that you said is true and good job

  5. 1.The hard work that Miles went threw during practice
    2.Miles is given the pills
    3.Miles starts talking to Lucia
    4.Their starting runningback becomes their quarterback
    5.The final game that Miles plays
    1.The hardwork that miles did during practice made him the player he is.he practiced hard,even though he really didnt play.
    2.Miles is given the pills by his friend,but Miles didnt take them,and chise to play the right way.
    3.because miles is usually shy to talk with girls,but not with her.and he really likes her.
    4.the reason why their runningback had to be moved to quarterback was because their star quarter back gets injured.and this effects the team.
    5.Because even though Miles went against what the coach said,he still won the game for them,and at the end,received a kiss from Lucia

  6. @Patrick Star- you had some really good events listed.all of them were really important in the book.especially the part about him getting caught with the pills.that was really important because i feel that if he wouldnt have gotten caught,he might of taken them.