Monday, May 16, 2011

Angel's Choice by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Project #1:
Song Project: Choose a song that you think Angel should have on her ipod. In a paragraph, connect lyrics from the song to scenes and situations from Angel's Choice. In other words, tie the song lyrics to Angel and events in the book. Add in a youtube video link underneath your post! (You may not choose the same song as someone else who has posted before you--also, make sure lyrics are school appropriate.)


  1. The song "Cry For You" by September reminds me of Angel, because It can be about Tim. The lyrics go like "Forever and ever
    Life is now or never
    Forever never comes around" "You'll never gonna see me again
    So now who's gonna cry for you
    You'll never gonna see me again
    No matter what you do" I think she should have it because Tim her baby daddy will never see her again & it was either now or never he choiced never. I think it's a pretty nice song. Not too fast and not too slow, something perfect that she would have. :)

  2. The song " jar of hearts " by christina perri reminds me of a part in Angels choice. The part when Danny and Angel are having a conversation in the beginning of the story. Danny tells Angel that " he cant believe that she would do such a thing with Tim" and in the lyrics of jar of hearts it says "who do you think you are tearing us apart". Its just a sad part that Angel likes Danny alot and its sad Danny is making her back away from him, but later on he will regret. I think it goes peefect with the book.