Monday, May 16, 2011

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Project #3:
Write another part of the story where you describe what happened to the main character after the story ended.
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  1. At the end of the novel Clay Jensen runs after Skye because he can see that she is in pain.

    I say, "Hello". She looks up and quickly turns away hiding her face. "Please leave me alone...Clay", she says. But I know I can't because if I allow her to do exactly what Hannah did to herself I could never forgive myself. "No I can't", I told her she had to trust me. "Alright". I asked if she would like to go to Monet's for a cup of coffee. We spent the entire day at Monet's talking about our lives. As she stares into my eyes she whispers something. "Clay...I need to confess something...", her eyes start to tinkle in the sun shining from the window. "I was going kill myself, but you saved me, and I thank you for that." Skye leans forward very slowly, and as she starts to close her eyes I do the same. We sat there holding that kiss for a while. And in that amount of time, we held tight, I was truly happy for the first time; in a long time.

  2. The end of the novel ends with Clay seeing Skye and he calls her name.

    "Skye" I said. She ignores me and shakes her head down about to cry. I grab her and tell her, "Are you okay?" "No Clay can you leave me alone...please" "Okay", I said. After school i determined myself to catch her. I saw her walking. She lived around me so I decided to walk with her. "Hey what was wrong before", I said. On the way home we talked about what was wrong, also I talked about Hannah's tapes when I shouldn't. I told her how her lose effected me. Once she got home She told me that she was going to kill herself from all the stress and drama she had over the past months. As we hug she whispers into my ear, "Thank you Clay".

  3. @Ceasar- you had a good idea about them kissing at the end. I liked your paragraph and wanted to resemble it somehow since I had no idea what to write about.

  4. Clay calls sees Skye and calls her name.

    "Skye" answer. "Skye please talk to me",I said. She still wouldn't answer..."What Clay, what do you want from me" Skye says. "I want to talk to you about the tapes",I said. "I don't want to talk about it",Skye says. Then she left. The next day I saw Skye in the park siting on the bench by herself. I sat down next to her. "I feel like I shouldn't be here, I think I want to kill myself",she says. I told her that she had a purpose to be here. Hours after talking I felt like I made her feel wanted or something. We started to hang out and hopefully she shouldn't think that about her self.

  5. @Elad, That was a really good ending. You really sounded like the author and if he were to write the ending.