Monday, May 16, 2011

Crackback John Coy

Project #2:
Using the database Student Resources in Context, find an article about the social issue embedded in your novel. Write a summary of the article (include the title) and copy a link to the article below your entry.

You may not use the same article as someone who has already posted.

Then read an article that interests you from another student's post. Comment on the article (thoughts, opinions, connections...).


  1. In this article Steriods in football, they talk about how steriods is common in the athletes who play football because of the ability for steroids to build muscle and increase performance.The NFL in 1987 made is steriods in football policy,but it didnt really the issue of steriods in football.The problem of steriods start in highschool.THe reason why football is so popular in football is because football is not a sport where a small person can usually succeed. So, most small players get big by the use of steriods and muscle enhancers.

  2. In this article, it talks about two high school students who took steriods to achieve their goal as a professional athletes. In this case, two athletes, one from Texas and the other from California, lost their lives because of overdosing on steriods. It goes on to talk about all the effects that steriods have on athletes, especially. Steriods caqn help u in ways, but can hurt u in much more. It is trying to make it clear to high school athletes aware of the risks of using steriods.

  3. @Erick- It's sad to see that so many young athletes are getting hooked on steriods. It's true that small players are better b/c they use steriods to get them strong. They use strength to make up for their height.

  4. @Pat-Yeah,use of steriods start in athletes when they are in highschool,and im glad that the article talks about the risks of steriods. I feel bad for those athletes that overdosed on steriods because all they wanted to do was be good at the sports they were in,but i feel that they shouldnt have taken the steriods.there are many other ways to get stronger and bigger.The best way,is the right way,lifting weights. But most athletes want to get stronger the easy way,so thy turn to steriods.But i dont think they are aware of the consiquences steriods have on them.So im glad this article talk about some of them.