Monday, May 16, 2011

Angel's Choice by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Project #3:
Write another part of the story where you describe what happened to the main character after the story ended.
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  1. When the book Angel's choice ends it ends with Angel and her baby girl jojo in her arms. It continues with her going to college and studying really hard to become the greatest writer she could ever be. Also Danny and her get together so the baby could have a father either way he is not the real father but since Tim was not going to take any responsiblity,and he didnt care as much for the baby,so he got away from Angel. Angel is probably very happy now that she gots to start a new life with her baby and the guy she has been having a crush on since high school Danny. Angel is also finding the quality time to spend with her little one as much as she can. Angel would have never guess that this thing would ever happen to her but i guess now she has to live with it and its a happy feeling.

  2. Angel's Choice continues with Angel being sucsessful and going to College. Her baby will grow up to be a nice young girl who will think twice before she does something like her mother. Also Angel is much better on her own and the help of her parents than being with her baby father. He was not allowed to see Jojo ever in his life. Why? because he's sick in the head and wanted her to have an abortion. She has full costide of her baby and is doing much better with guys. She knows to watch out now. Angel never knew this would happen to her, well no one knows that this will happen to them, but when it happens they will have to deal with it. Your own child is not a mistake or accident it's a surprise and something you shouldn't regret. Deal with it.

  3. Angel's choice continue with her keeping the baby and her going to a community college.her parents are helping her with the baby they take turns taking care of it.Danny is still talking to Angel about their future.after theyre both done with college they wil get marry.finally Angel will acomplish her dream,she will be a well-known writer.

  4. @ kamii-> i agree with you, i also think that Angel's daughter will not make bad decisions like she did.