Monday, May 2, 2011

Angel's Choice by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Question #5:
Make a list of five key events from the book so far, and explain in one to two sentences why each was important to the story.


  1. The five most important key events from the story so far are..1)when shes hooked up with Tim 2) she finds out shes pregnant 3)she decided to do an abortion 4)Tim agrees with the abortion 5)she decided to to keep the baby. I think those events are very important because it makes the reader think about what will happen next in the story and also its like the main idea of each chapter.

  2. Five most important events are.. The hook up, Test = Positive, Abortion, No Abortion, Parents find out who the father is. These events are important to ME, because it made me want to read more to know what will happen. Makes the book more interesting. :)

  3. @ Ixamari, Yes it is really important that Tim agrees with her, because it shows how gross him & his father are. How they would do anything to keep his son's reputation and no care for Angel when it's all his son's fault. Yes i know it takes two people to have sex, but she was drunk and doesn't remember anything that is called rap. He should at least take some resposibilities not even bother to ask for the money back or treat her the way he is treating her.