Monday, May 16, 2011

Angel's Choice by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Project #7:
Answer the following question: Why do you think the author wrote this book? Is there a message in the story? What is it? What if anything, can be learned from this novel?
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  1. The author Lauren Baratz - Logsted wrote this book maybe because she was young and her life was the same as Angel's. The message of the story is to not do iligal stuff because iligal stuff lead to something hard you will have to enjoy for the rest of your life. A lesson can be only learn from this story. Young girls are dumba and do not know what they do untill it hunts them down for the rest of her life. Becarefull what you do in your teen years! :)

  2. The purpose that The Author Lauren Baratz- Logsted wrote this book to teach us young girls a lesson about pregnancy. Now a days young girls between the ages of 16-18 are most likely to get pregnant because they think its the easy way out. really? its not its really hard to be a teen mom. I mean by reading this book it taught me alot of things for example limit your drinks when you are at a party with friends, second never be alone at a party stick with a friend, third dont leave some guy you dont know that well. So many things in this book can be learned and make young girls think twice before their actions.

  3. the author Lauren Baratz-Logsted wrote Angel's Choice because she wanted to teach a lesson. She wanted to tell girls about bad desicions can change their life. For example ANgel made the wrong choice,she got drunk in the party,she didnt know what she was doing,later that night she was having her fist time having sex with a guys she didnt cared about, the bad thing of this was that she got pregnant.I think Lauren is saying that you must think about your action and how it can effect your life.

  4. @ ixamari I agree with you Angel should of thought about it twice before she had sex with a guy she didnt even know much about. She should of limit her servings of alchol that she was taking , and maybe this whole thing wouldnt have happen to her. She made a bg mistake and now she has to pay the consequences. And thats what the author says you have to learn from your mistakes and deal with it.